Turkey hunting with Buster's Outfitters

Exotic Game Hunting

Buster’s Outfitters also offers exotic hunting opportunities for animals like Rams and Fallow Deer. Contact us for all our current Exotic hunting opportunities and pricing.

Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant, and quail hunts are also available. With some pristine acreage at your disposal, our upland bird hunts are tops in the state of Kansas.

Offering pheasant hunting and quail hunting on thousands of free ranging acres from December 1st to January 31st. The quail hunting on Barber County ranches and pheasant hunting on Pratt County farms can be some of the best upland bird hunting in Kansas.

Busters can also offer a controlled shooting area hunting for pheasant, quail, and chucker from September 1st to March 31st. The controlled shooting area is on 400 acres of very nice CRP, farm and pasture lands. The cost is $500 per day (plus a small processing fee for birds) and includes lodging, meals, guides with bird dogs, processing of harvested birds and a whole lot of shooting. You are allowed to shoot 8 pheasants or comparable number of quail or chucker depending on what type of upland bird hunting you enjoy. You also can mix or match any combination on any hunt. The controlled Upland bird area is a very good hunt for any avid bird hunter and can be used as a training ground for your young dogs. It is also a very good hunt for beginner hunters and handicap hunters because of the controlled area. With the range of hunting dates from September to March the hunters can pick and choose a lot of different days throughout the year. If the cold weather bothers you then our early fall or early spring hunting is just for you. Contact us for current pricing and dates.

Predator Hunting

Predator hunts for coyote and bobcat. Calling in these animals for a great hunt in the dead of winter is something. The best time is the first serious temperature drop or first snow fall. It’s almost like hunting the rut and all the predators are cruising for food and protecting their hunting grounds. Contact us for availability or to add a predator hunt to any of our other hunting packages. Cost is $500 per day, includes meals and lodging and guide, limited to (2) hunters per guide.